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The paintings, watercolours, red chalk drawings… shown here only represent a small portion of the artist’s work. The paintings are usually made on linen canvas of highest quality, as are all the products used.
Similar themes can be watercolour painted or drawn (ink, red chalk, charcoal, lithography…)

…  but here, we will mainly see oils. One more reason to come visit the artist’s paintshop in Collonges-la-Rouge !

Artworks for sale

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I enrich myself from of my distinguished predecessors even if I maintain that I do not want to be Auguste, nor Pablo, nor Maurice, nor Claude, nor Edgar, nor Camille, nor Albert, nor Eugène, nor Maurice … I simply want to remain myself, René. As Paul, « All that I want is to discover a part of myself that I still don’t know »

The techniques employed

Identification of works of art

The plastic arts need constantly innovative approaches. René Boutang’s teaching is based on the expression of the heart and the exploration of personality.
” The painting is a way too personal and sensitive writing. The hands only cannot fully handle it ! “

An artwork is sometimes preceded by preparatory drawings. In other cases, it can be painted instinctively, possibly with a few sketches made spontaneously on his travel diary .
There are number of information displayed on the back of each canvas : the title, the technique, the format, the year of completion and the countersignature.



For example, for a medium sized painting, the estimate shipping costs would be € 50  for a shipment in France, € 100  for a shipment to USA, Japan, South Africa … Please note that the price mainly depends on the package/volume weight. The overall package size: length + width + height cannot exceed 200 cm.

The painting is packed with care and neatly wrapped and protected. You may also withdraw your purchase directly at the paint shop. It is with great pleasure that we would welcome you.

Documents provided to the purchaser:

  • The Certificate of Authenticity and your invoice,
  • The title of Ambassador,
  • Guidance for the painting hanging.
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